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The Places We’ve Been: An Interview with Editor Asha Veal Brisebois

I was fortunate last year to have an essay, “Bunking With the Enemy,” included in The Places We’ve Been: Field Reports from Travelers Under 35, an anthology of travel writing. The book is a delightful trip around the world from … Continue reading

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‘The China Expat in Exile’

Home was always like this, and although it has not improved, still it is not so depressing as I imagine; it is only my mood that has changed, because I am coming back to the country this time with no … Continue reading

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Lisboa: When in Portugal… Get Lost.

“The train slows down, we’re at Cais de Sodre. I’ve arrived at Lisbon, but not at a conclusion.” — Fernando Pessoa Sometimes it is difficult to summarize a place when you are still there. Sometimes it is impossible to summarize … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Traveling Light

Recently, over lunch with a friend, I bemoaned the fact that I need to pack for a month-long trip (I know: the horror!). My friend side-eyed me, smirking knowingly. She said, ‘When we travel with our kids, we each only take … Continue reading

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Take a Deep Breath: We’re All to Blame

As a Sinophile and someone who has spent five of the past fifteen years living in China, it is deeply disheartening to read news stories like this one reporting on the mysterious ‘yellow haze’ that descended on the city of … Continue reading

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“Old” Home

In my first novel, Empire of Glass, I quote one of China’s greatest short story writers, Lu Xun, who wrote: The old home I remembered was not in the least like this. My old home was much better. But if … Continue reading

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Book Birthing is a Messy, Arduous Labor of Love

16 years ago, which was, scarily, nearly half of a lifetime ago for me, I visited Datong, China, in the country’s arid Shanxi Province. Datong was not only the most coal-polluted city I’d visited in my life (it has the … Continue reading

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Next Post

Originally posted on The Common Wanderer:
That most common of butterflies, the Monarch, is known in Australia as the Wanderer.  Immediately identified by its orange and black markings, it’s beloved for its beauty and overlooked for its commonness. *** In…

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I Really Don’t Know Clouds (or Much Else)

I laughed when, after returning home from a late evening stroll around my neighborhood, I noticed two emails I had sent myself from the walk—one entitled ‘moon’ and the other ‘things artists do.’ Both were reminders of insights I’d had … Continue reading

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When the Man Says ‘Pantalones?’ Say ‘Yes’

Alright, I’ll admit this: I have few regrets in life. I swear. But there’s one regret that nags on me every time I think of this trip I took to Belize in 2006. My then-boyfriend, now-husband Joey and I were … Continue reading

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