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Sustainable (Hu)Man: Rediscovering the Old (as Adam)

I’m a bit obsessed with this new website I recently discovered. Aside from its slightly male-centric title (as such, I’m suggesting a re-title as ‘Sustainable HUman’), Sustainable Man provides a necessary addition to the conversation about sustainability and mindful living. … Continue reading

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Originally posted on In the Dark Again:
There’s Nothing To Tell (没有什么可说) My first full-length shadow play based on my Fulbright fieldwork, premiered at In The Heart of the Beast Theatre, June 2012 So what does one do with all this…

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On a recent ‘political’ issue of the American television show ‘30 Rock,’ the U.S. Presidential election was decided by a group of relaxed, beer-drinking, partying Florida residents whose slogan was “Unwindulax!” After the rancor of the election, I’m sure most … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Wandering Gaia:
In around 300 years time, 75% of all mammal species on Earth will have gone extinct. That’s the startling prediction if current rates of extinction continue and the animals already threatened or endangered are wiped…

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