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The Pauper’s Paris

Who said cheese and wine and lounging in Parisian cafes are for the gentries? Jenna-Marie Warnecke’s story of how she, on a freelancer’s salary, saved enough to move to Paris and become a full-time writer is one from which we … Continue reading

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Grounding Places: The Wealth of an Hour (or Two, or Three, or Four…)

I depart as air…. I shake my white locks at the runaway      sun, I effuse my flesh in eddies and drift it in lacy jags. I bequeath myself to the dirt to grow from the grass I   … Continue reading

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When Writing is Catharsis

I wrote a cheeky piece on the acronym-infested online world of TTC that is currently up on The Hairpin. You can find it here.  

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The Puffer Fish Packs a Strong Love Punch

I’m often distressed by the way in which Western civilization estranges itself from the nonhuman world. We view nature as something to conquer or to tame, rather than something that is an intrinsic part of ourselves. I am relieved, and … Continue reading

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Traveling Lightly: Owning Less

Traveling Lightly: Owning Less

A good reminder of how to travel lightly and freely

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‘The China Expat in Exile’

Home was always like this, and although it has not improved, still it is not so depressing as I imagine; it is only my mood that has changed, because I am coming back to the country this time with no … Continue reading

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When the Waters Rise: ‘Sun Come Up’

A few years ago, I sat on a flight from Australia to the U.S. next to a nun (I’m convinced nuns on planes are good luck, so my fear of flying was temporarily sedated). The nun told me she lived … Continue reading

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Why China’s Rise Matters

Before I go on Ad nauseam about the growing (and fraught) presence of China in Africa, I highly suggest reading this report on the widespread annihilation of Africa’s elephants (for the purpose of shipping illegal ivory to China’s shores). This … Continue reading

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