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Lisboa: When in Portugal… Get Lost.

“The train slows down, we’re at Cais de Sodre. I’ve arrived at Lisbon, but not at a conclusion.” — Fernando Pessoa Sometimes it is difficult to summarize a place when you are still there. Sometimes it is impossible to summarize … Continue reading

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Guest Hunting on Three Twenty Eight

I was so excited for the opportunity to ‘guest hunt’ for Three Twenty Eight, a blog devoted to inspiring individuality and creating a curated assortment of great finds from around the world. My ‘guest hunting’ finds are now live over … Continue reading

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Eco-Friendly Backpack for Travel: Found!

For the two weeks I recently traipsed around Lisbon as part of an international literary program, I’d been supremely envious of a stylish attendee who carried with her a chic black backpack to every event. Heading out for long days with … Continue reading

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The Collective: Conor Gaughan

After a brief hiatus (was blissfully exploring Lisbon—more on this soon!), this week ‘The Collective: Interviews’ continues with Conor Gaughan. If you read Conor Gaughan’s impressive, diverse bio, you’d expect he is much older than his 30-some odd years—despite his youth, … Continue reading

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‘American Nurse’ in Guernica Magazine

For those with a hankering for some of my fiction writing, ‘American Nurse,’ an excerpt from my novel, Empire of Glass, is currently featured in Guernica Magazine. Here’s the opener: We called the white woman ‘Nurse’ because when we first … Continue reading

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