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The Wild West: Grander than Grand

Sundance Kid: “You remember the time you and me and Etta went to Denver one summer for a vacation?” Butch Cassidy: “I’m glad you brought that up, Kid. That’s an important topic, considering our situation.” Sundance Kid: “The night we … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Traveling Light

Recently, over lunch with a friend, I bemoaned the fact that I need to pack for a month-long trip (I know: the horror!). My friend side-eyed me, smirking knowingly.¬†She said, ‘When we travel with our kids, we each only take … Continue reading

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The Collective: Mindy Chen

This week The Cold Mountain Collective is launching an interview series called ‘The Collective: Interviews.’ A set series of questions will be asked of inspiring individuals who are living mindful and conscious lives. The first interviewee of the series is … Continue reading

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Take a Deep Breath: We’re All to Blame

As a Sinophile and someone who has spent five of the past fifteen years living in China, it is deeply disheartening to read news stories like this one reporting on the mysterious ‘yellow haze’ that descended on the city of … Continue reading

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Natural Swimming Pools? Dive In

My lovely friend Amy alerted me to the existence of a new trend: natural swimming pools. These pools, which often resemble watering holes more than chlorine-filled rectangles, are a welcome addition to the outdoor scenery. Already popular in Europe (of … Continue reading

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That Laborious Luggage

Although I love to travel, I may be the world’s worst packer. Which is why this recent National Geographic article on ‘Packing Outside the Comfort Zone’ made my day. For my next trip (to Portugal, London, Lyon, and Martha’s Vineyard … Continue reading

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The Transit of Venus: Remembering Magic

In the past month, there has been a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse, and a once-in-a-lifetime transit of Venus. Yesterday, Venus slowly traversed the scope of the sun; over the course of six hours, it could be seen as a … Continue reading

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The Mondays

It’s Monday and I recently returned home to Los Angeles after an East Coast swing that included visits to Boston, New Hampshire, D.C., and Virginia. In the midst of all that travel and returning to an unkempt home full of … Continue reading

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