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Happy Leap Day: Rediscovering the Nature of Place

First off, my apologies for the absence—turns out Word Press (as well as most other blogging sites I attempted to access) are blocked in China. Not surprising. As I attempt to readjust to life back in the States after a … Continue reading

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To Love or not to Love: Sweet Suggestions for Valentine’s Day

In light of Malaysia’s ban on Valentine’s Day celebrations, this may be a good opportunity  to question the best way to celebrate the love-happy holiday. Sure, like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and other days meant to remind us to celebrate … Continue reading

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Matt and Nat: I doth protest

After spending weeks searching for the perfect environmentally-friendly travel bag before the holidays, I wanted to like Matt and Nat‘s line of vegan handbags so badly. I mean, if Alicia Silverstone (duh, Clueless!) is a fan, then surely there’s something … Continue reading

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Singapore Round-Up #1

While visiting my brother in Singapore last year and again this week, I stumbled upon the following finds that I thought were worth sharing: In need of a good coffee, I was thrilled to discover The Plain, a self-proclaimed ‘Melbourne-style’ … Continue reading

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Does Not Compute!

When traveling, as when living, we must always remember to disconnect, to sit, to truly be present. Please—a word to the wise—do not be this couple that we saw last night at a Japanese restaurant in Singapore’s Tanjong Pagar district! … Continue reading

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Apple of My… Uh-Oh?

I think it’s time to make a note of clarification about this blog and its philosophy. When I write ‘chic adventure’ and when I say ‘travel,’ I mean the kind of traveling and adventuring that requires one to be aware … Continue reading

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