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It’s Raining Shrimp

Why do I find myself writing about environmental issues in China on a travel blog? Maybe because I care deeply for my ‘second home’ and I want its natural riches to be preserved, not squandered. Likewise, I hate when I … Continue reading

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The Air Up There

You may recall a previous post from back in August entitled ‘Not So Chic: A Post from Beijing,’ in which I discussed the pollution perils facing Mainland China. I was validated to read in the New York Times today that … Continue reading

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For all the Tea in Los Angeles

For brevity’s sake (it’s Wednesday): Yesterday. Stumbled into Chado Tea Room on West 3rd Street in Los Angeles. Unbelievable selection (whites, greens, blacks, chais, oh my!). Milk Oolong variety—buttery, nutty, delightful. Perfect start to the day. Highly recommended stop. Chado … Continue reading

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Seeking Asian (and South Asian) Comfort Food

I could eat Indian/Thai/Chinese/Vietnamese/Japanese/Korean food all day long, every day. Unfortunately, Los Angeles’s Westside neighborhoods suffer a dearth of said restaurants. Not that said restaurants don’t exist, they just aren’t as good as what you can find in the further … Continue reading

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Weekend Round-Up #6: No Regrets

It’s perhaps a common mantra we repeat to ourselves at some point in our lives: Live life without regrets (or, for the more morbid, ‘Die without regrets‘). For this weekend’s round-up, I’ve scoured the internet(s) for some reminders how to … Continue reading

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Happy Monday!: Going Off the Grid

This week’s ‘Other People’ Podcast, by Brad Listi, has a great discussion about going ‘off the grid’ (the week’s podcast is also an interview with Rex Pickett, author of the novel ‘Sideways’). While explicitly about writing and the writer’s life, … Continue reading

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Weekend Round-Up #5: For the Lister In All of Us

As if the ‘Best of 2011’ lists weren’t enough, flip the calendar to 2012 and we’re bombarded by ‘Best Places/Things/Toilets/Bicycles/People/You Name It of 2012.’ Despite my aversion to lists (says the Type A personality who LOVES lists), there are a … Continue reading

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Postcards From Italy

One of my favorites—a song to remind us from where we’ve come and to where we’ll go: Of this song, Youtube user oONodokaOo writes: “I’m watching the sun setting while listening to this song. Oddly enough it’s been a very … Continue reading

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We’re Not Dead Yet – Hooray for 2012!

If you’re reading this, then lucky you: you’re still here! Despite 2012’s apocalyptic claims, we managed to pass from 2011 to the calendar’s next page without pause. Funny that: time didn’t stop! (Has it ever? Oh no, a slippery slope … Continue reading

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