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Route 1A: The Road Less Traveled By

After nearly a decade living away from my ‘home’ of New England, I have to admit that there’s nothing better than flying into Boston’s Logan Airport on a brisk autumn afternoon as I did last week and witnessing Boston’s skyline … Continue reading

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Route 1A: The Intricacies of Inspiration (Why Travel Matters)

As I begin work on a new novel, I am constantly eager for ‘inspiration’ to fuel my creative process (perhaps that sounds hokey, but all artists need inspiration or what is sometimes called ‘creative genius’, right?). While last week’s rainbow … Continue reading

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Travel With a Mate — and Me…

The world is full of shameless plugs, and here’s one more to brighten your otherwise dreary autumnal evening: I’m a contributor for a travel site, ‘Travel with a Mate,’ and I’ve written a little local’s guide to Malibu over there. … Continue reading

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