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Traveling by Standing Still

The below video is worth a mindful Sunday morning viewing, no matter where you are sitting. One of my favorite reminders of our responsibility as ‘human beings’ is Thich Nhat Hanh’s statement about the false notion that ‘man’ is an … Continue reading

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Travelers Beware…

When my mother-in-law recently visited Paris, she noticed the same scam occurring more than once on the subway: a woman would drop a gold ring on the ground, then ask if it was an unsuspecting passerby’s, hoping to ‘phish’ for … Continue reading

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Not So Chic: A Post from Beijing

After battling the pollution during a day prancing around Gulou Dajie, I thought it may be wise to post two things today. One, the iPhone app that lets you track the pollution index in Beijing (Today’s reading? 189 or ‘Unhealthy’ … Continue reading

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Proud to be an American?

Today was a special day. Today America didn’t fail me (as it has been known to do with its posturing political debates, increasing poverty, warmongering, and decreased valuing of education, among other gripes). Today, my Chinese father (or ‘Baba’ as … Continue reading

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Caffeinate Me, but Please Check Your Bulldozers at the Door.

It’s Monday. That means I need caffeine. Pronto. So, in the spirit of a summery Monday, here’s a line-up of some of my favorite coffee spots (you won’t find a Starbucks on this list!) – and feel free to submit … Continue reading

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