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Before the Beach This Weekend—Thursday’s Plea

So, I had planned to write about eclairs today (because really, what better way to celebrate life than with the occasional eclair?), but have been sidetracked by the plight of our oceans (but if you’re hankering for an eclair try … Continue reading

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Escape Velocity… at age 98

Sometimes the world’s best travelers are those who just can’t stop moving. Surely, you all know someone like that – a grandparent, great-uncle, or family friend – who just never seemed as if they would die (until one day, they … Continue reading

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Weekend Round-Up #1: Good-Bye Spring, Hello Summer

Ahh, the Internets. What better way to travel the world these days than to browse the delightful pages of Pinterest? Some of my favorite blogs do their weekly end-of-the-week roundup, which I’ve decided to mimic with my own ‘favorites’ of … Continue reading

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Dreaming of Gnocchi

Every girl has some long-lost love she dreams about when alone at night. Mine is Italian. Rich. Firm on the outside, but soft on the inside. Complex. Best when draped in something buttery. And oh yeah, his name is Gnocchi. … Continue reading

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Stopping (or How to Live by Standing Still): Li-Ming’s Lesson

Four years ago in Hong Kong, I picked up a self-help book by Dr. David Jundtz entitled Stopping. While the book itself is not particularly well-written (if a bit hokey), it touts a very important message: that in this capitalistic … Continue reading

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Winery Weekends

My apologies for being absent for so long! I could blame it on a busy end-of-MFA degree spring, the weather, my own inadequacies, the cat peeing on my bed, or any number of excuses, but regardless of why I’ve been … Continue reading

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Coppola’s (Somewhat) Secret Hideaways

So it turns out Francis Ford Coppola is the spitting image of The Most Interesting Man in the World in those Dos Equis commercials: he’s a filmmaker, vintner, magazine owner, and—who knew?—an accomplished hotelier. Surprisingly, when it came to planning … Continue reading

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