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The Great American* Wax-Off

Here’s a joke to start off your weekend: “Two Skiers were on their way out on the trails, when one said, ‘Where did you get your new skis?’ The second skier replied, ‘Well, I was skiing along yesterday minding my … Continue reading

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Portsmouth: Things are Different Here

Perhaps it is a bit of nostalgia, but I am visiting my family this week in New Hampshire and, while also hosting a Californian friend from out of town (it was her first visit to the area), I have realized … Continue reading

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Fly the Friendly Skies… with E. Coli!

I know I’ve been remiss in my postings lately, but I promise a deluge of new amazing travel spots for you this weekend. In the meantime, let this NYT article whet your tongue/fingertips/throat for air travel – ha! In … Continue reading

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